RapidFMS - Freight IT Services

•   Overview
•   Managed IT Solutions and Support Services
•   Graphing and Freight Analytics Services
•   eLearning, Training and Induction Solutions
•   Website Development and Content Management Systems

•   Integration Services
•   Software Solutions
•   Freight Web API
•   Mobility Solutions


Complementing our freight management software is a wealth of experience in computer hardware, operating systems, application software and network installation, maintenance and support together with Web design and publishing. This experience is available as an expanded service from our team.

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Managed IT Solutions and Support Services:

RapidFMS can manage your IT infrastructure requirements for your freight business. RapidFMS specialises in managed IT solutions and support services for the freight industry.

Some of the managed IT services we offer include:

- Server infrastructure
- Communications network rollouts and maintenance (LANs, WANs and Internet)
- PC and laptop upgrades and replacements
- Secure cloud data hosting solutions
- Performance monitoring
- Network security
- Disaster recovery
- Cost reduction analysis, consulting and reporting

Support services for the freight industry include:

- Experience in the freight industry
- IT support contracts
- IT helpdesk solutions
- Software support

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Integration Services:

Do you need to integrate systems between your business and your customers or to and from leading carriers? Or perhaps you need to integrate your own in-house system with another? RapidFMS offers a complete solution from doing the legwork in getting interfacing documentation from associated parties all the way through development, delivery and support.

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Software Solutions:

RapidFMS can bridge the gap between the richness, responsiveness and reliability of desktop based software with the flexibility and platform independence offered by using the latest cloud-based technologies.

RapidFMS specialises in customised freight software solutions of any size, developing both new freight based applications as well as performing technology upgrades of existing applications to make them last.

Some of the standard typical features our applications offer:

- High level of security
- Reliability and robustness
- Multi-user
- Platform indepence across the latest browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Apple Mac Safari, iPhone Safari, Android Browser)
- A choice of product delivery technologies: php/mysql, c#/sqlserver
- Full SDLC and Project Management, Agile, ITIL capable
- Core languages i.e. JAVA, JEE, .NET, Objective C & more
- Legacy software development including Visual Basic (VB)
- RDBMS, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL
- System integration, webMethods, XML Messaging
- Business Intelligence, Business Objects and Crystal Reports
- Testing strategies and quality assurance
- Document writing and detailed APIs

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Graphing and Freight Analytics Services:

RapidFMS's Analytics module can provide you with a large range of graphing options to cater for what-if scenarios and historical data analysis. Let RapidFMS produce useful reports on your data.

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Mobility Solutions:

RapidFMS is geared to provide mobility solutions to the freight industry.

Some of the mobility solutions include:

- Barcoding and handheld scanners
- Mobile devices (tablets and smartphones)
- Mobile workforce management solutions
- GPS Tracking Systems
- Thermal label printing solutions

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Freight Web API:

Using RapidFMS' Freight Web API, you can leverage off already proven freight oriented web services for such tasks as barcoding, document management, remote printing, tracking and more.

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eLearning, Training and Induction Solutions:

With a powerful eLearning system integrated into RapidFMS, you can provide your drivers or other staff with a necessary induction process. Teach staff the ins and outs of your business and ensure they are qualified by completing and passing your assessments. The solution is also useful for Driver Fatigue Management training.

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Website Development and Content Management Systems:

RapidFMS can update your freight business' existing web presence or create you a brand new one.

RapidFMS can design and develop web solutions for most budgets and industries.

- Professional Website Development
- Content Management Systems (CMSs)
- Customer Relation Systems (CRMs)
- Booking & Rental Systems (BRSs)
- Assist with Web Banner Advertising (PayPerClick)
- Analytics and Traffic Statistics
- Web Software Development and Business Intelligence

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About Us

RapidFMS offers freight businesses with Freight IT Solutions and Freight Management Systems that have been designed and developed with a modern look and feel.  Let RapidFMS look after all the IT aspects of your freight / logistics related business.

The Freight Management System itself has many features that can be tailored to your needs. The system is suitable for a whole range of clients ranging from Freight Brokers, Carriers, Wholesalers / Large Retail chains to Small Businesses.

It has been developed for controlling and tracking freight for today and tomorrow and is the latest offering in freight Management Software for today's business requirements.

All features have been developed for ease of use and functionality, offering unique and intuitive options for all users. The system has been developed using the latest technology. If you choose to, you can access your system from anywhere around the world simply by using a Web Browser and an Internet connection.

Why Choose Us?


Our core group has over 40 years experience in the transport industry and has recognised the many changes in the way businesses need to dispatch and label their freight for acceptance by their customers while at the same time being compliant with requirements.


In backing our freight management software we have a wealth of experience in computer hardware, software and network installation, maintenance and support together with web design and publishing. This experience is available as an expanded service from our team.


For most Freight Management System features, you can choose to have multiple instances open at the same time. For example, you can choose to have many consignments open at the same time whilst being able to print your manifests.